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A number of exporters have appreciated the study undertaken by NAFED and its reports in four volumes. The exporters have commented that this study will boost the efforts of exporters; the reports will serve as a ready reference and in overall will be of great help. The detailed comments of some exporters are reproduced below:-
1. Comments of M/s Haytrans (India) Private Limited, New Delhi
The report of NAFED on “Market Intelligence study of some selected crops having export potential” provides detailed information not only on opportunities for exports of fruits, vegetables, some spices, sesame, soyameal and cotton but also on newer markets for some of the farm products, tariff duties and non-tariff protocols of importing countries.
This type of information is not easily available and is a very good effort on the part of NAFED and thus will boost the efforts of exporters.
For, Haytrans (India) Private Limited Sd.
General Manager (Marketing)
Comments of M/s Mehal International, Dehradoon
We have examined with great interest the reports of NAFED with respect to “Market Intelligence Study of some selected crops having export potential.” The
report has covered important fruits crops, vegetables, spices and some commercial crops.
We compliment NAFED for coming out with very valuable information on export opportunities. NAFED has also identified markets for exporting Indian farm
produce among GCC, EU, ASEAN, South Korea, Japan, China, Australia, USA and CIS countries which is going to be of immense help to the exporters.
For, Mehal International Sd.
General Manager (Marketing)
The reports on “Market Intelligence study of some selected crops having export potential” by NAFED in four volumes have been found to be informative as these
reports contain entire information required by exporters.
These reports are unique in a way because these reports provide information on potential markets, other competing countries for Indian farm produce, prices
realized by other countries, market trends, etc.
We are of the opinion that these reports will be very helpful in exports and will serve as a ready reckoner.
For, Arrow International Sd.
General Manager (Marketing)