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Initially it was planned to survey extensively in at least twenty Mandies and twenty Export Houses covering most important markets and export houses in order to have in depth idea about marketing and exports of farm produce, various factors involved in marketing and exports etc. Later on, it was decided to survey few markets in only two states namely in Gujarat and Maharashtra as sample cases. It was planned that if useful data is made available, then the survey will be extended to the remainingMandies and Exporters in other states.
Accordingly, survey was conducted in Maharashtra and Gujarat states interviewing exporters in Navsari (Gujarat), Nashik and Nagpur aharashtra) and also in Mandies of Ahmedabad, Nagpur and Navi Mumbai to begin with. Survey was conducted on the basis of performa prepared separately for Export Houses and Mandies. However, feedback received from survey was not that encouraging, as traders both in Export Houses and Mandies did not like to divulge the correct information, perhaps because of the following reasons: Exporters and traders in Mandies treat all business dealings as secrets and do not want to provide correct information.Exporters feel that if they provide correct information, this will be passed on to their competitors and ultimately affect their gains.Traders in Mandies as well as Exporters are too busy in their trade and do not show much interest in such queries.
Because of above reasons, the data collected from above exercise did not reveal any new interesting information as much more information has already been incorporated in crop profiles of commodities being studied. Therefore, the survey to the remaining Export Houses and Mandies located in other states was not extended.