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13 Aug 2009 TaiwanFood and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - NarrativeThis report provides updates on Taiwan’s Food and Import Regulations with substantial revisions occurring in Section V, Pesticides and Other Containments, and in Section VI, Tariffs and Import Controls. In 2009, Taiwan employed stricter border maximum residue limit (MRL) controls but the authorities also dedicated more resources to address MRL applications of priority interest to trading partners including the U.S., though a substantial backlog remains. This report also provides expanded coverage of requirements for the importation of pet food into Taiwan. Click Here
18 Dec 2012 TAIWANTaiwan Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - NarrativeIn 2011, Taiwan was the sixth largest export market for U.S. food and agricultural products (US$3.7 billion.) All food and agricultural products, whether domestic or imported, must comply with a range of laws designed to protect human health and prevent the introduction of animal and plant pests or diseases. Click Here

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