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Country Profile - India's Position
  Year : 2017  
India's position as an exporting country with respect to CAMEROON in 2017
Value in Mill. US$
Sr No.ProductTotal ImportsIndia's ExportShare %age
1Mucilages & thickeners, whether or not modified, derived from locust beans/ ...(130232)0.020.0292.61
2Rolled/flaked grains of cereals other than oats(110419)0.000.0087.49
3Onions, dried, whole/cut/sliced/broken/in powder but not furth. prepd.(071220)2.271.1550.70
4Undenatured ethyl alcohol of an alcoholic strength by volume of 80% vol.(220710)35.4714.4340.67
5Sweet biscuits(190531)8.143.0937.99
6Flour, meal & powder of the dried leguminous vegetables of 07.13(110610)0.000.0029.01
7Waffles & wafers(190532)0.930.1819.17
8Cocoa powder, not cont. added sugar/oth. sweetening matter(180500)0.250.0518.66
9Dried vegetables, n.e.s.; mixts. of dried vegetables, whole/cut/sliced/brok ...(071290)0.350.0513.89
10Vegetable seeds, of a kind used for sowing(120991)4.120.5413.21
 Page Total51.5619.51 
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Source : COMTRADE, United Nations

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