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Indian delegation touts for UAE trade
Aug 11, 2017

India’s food processing ministry has set out to woo businesses in the Gulf after the World Food India roadshow arrived in Dubai this week.
The high-profile delegation, led by Sadhavi Niranjan Jyoti, the department’s minister of state, met with members of the local business community to strengthen economic relationship between India and the UAE.
The delegation’s agenda had been to push India’s investor-friendly policies and prospects for growth. These are themes the food processing ministry has been touting as it seeks to attract foreign businesses to invest in India—and especially in its mega food parks programme. 
It also sought to persuade Gulf companies how India has transformed into country that supports businesses, and boasts fast-improving infrastructure.
India ranks third out of countries that export to the UAE, accounting for about 9.2% of its total imports. It relies heavily on Dubai’s ports for food re-exporting; indeed, Jebel Ali port has become the centre of its tea export trade in recent years.
Government-level initiatives are being implemented on both sides. One of these, the Global Buyer Protection Programme, was launched by Dubai Exports, the emirate’s export promotion agency, to protect the interests of traders in commercial disputes. The programme was revealed by the overseas trade office of Dubai Exports in India and will be expanded worldwide.

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