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Developing nations seek to fill WTO posts
May 15, 2019

India on Tuesday termed the ministerial meeting of 22 World Trade Organization (WTO) member nations a success and said that 17 countries, including China, signed the declaration for filling vacancies in WTO’s appellate body, among other issues. 
We had a very successful meeting and that non-appointment of members to the appellate body is the most urgent and critical issue was agreed by all participants,” said commerce secretary Anup Wadhawan, adding that its functioning needs to continue when some members retire. 
In a separate statement, the Indian government observed that the aim of the ministerial meet was to re-energise the multi-lateral trading system, and exuded confidence that collective views of developing countries will help in reforming the body. 
The declaration was signed by 17 countries, while the remaining five did not sign due to technical reasons. The declaration stated that if the vacancies in the appellate body are not filled it can completely paralyse the dispute settlement mechanism of the body by December. 
The member nations, who signed the document, said the dispute settlement system of the WTO is a central element in providing security and predictability. The US has blocked appointments to the appellate body. The quorum (3) for functioning will end on December 10.