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Agri Ministry officials trained in Australia, Move to boost bilateral ties
Jul 10, 2019

 Five Indian officials from the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare traveled to Australia last month to participate in a specialised training that could help boost India’s agricultural exports, a release from the Australian High Commission said here on Tuesday.
The training focused on the use of biosecurity treatments, particularly on in-transit cold treatment for the export of horticultural products, including table grapes.
Australia’s High Commissioner to India Harinder Sidhu said the training was a practical example of how Australia and India work together to strengthen the economic partnership.
These initiatives not only promote valuable knowledge exchange between our officials, but also build strong people-to-people connections, she said.
This training mechanism supports India’s goal of increasing exports of safe, quality agricultural products, as well as developing Indian capabilities in using this treatment for other exports as well as for imported goods.
Use of these treatments can ensure the biosecurity risks associated with pests not found in Australia are managed in a robust manner. It also ensures that the produce stays as fresh as possible and ready for the consumer to eat, said Ms Sidhu.

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