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Six informal GoMs plan post-Covid paths to recovery.
May 15, 2020

If it was 11 empowered groups of secretaries and top government officials that devised India’s multi-pronged strategy to combat Covid-19 during the lockdown, it is the informal groups of ministers – six of them – that have a key role in helping to lift the restrictions and get the country back on track.
The GoMs, set up last week, have already held discussions with top officials, experts and industry representatives to draw up immediate, short-term and longterm recommendations for the post lockdown re-start.
The GoMs are expected to submit their reports to the Prime Minister’s Office this week. Their proposals include benefits for migrant workers and street vendors and steps to help farmers. Some of the proposals – on land, labour and liquidity – are already being incorporated in the plans to bring the nation back on track.

The Economic Times