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Action plan for Assam govt to revitalize agri-food supply chain in wake of COVID19.
May 19, 2020

In an unprecedented move, the government of Assam in the first week of May has called for suggestions from various quarters to deal with challenges emerging from spread of COVID19 which has thrown economic and social life out of gear across the country. During the nation-wide lockdown that has already spanned approx two months, major chunk of economic activities have come to a grinding halt in the country, throwing more than a quarter of its workforce out of  jobs.
The effect is particularly severe for a relatively poorer state like Assam, which despite limited spread of COVID19, has low fiscal capacity to deal with such crisis. In this backdrop, the present report makes some policy suggestions to improve agri-food supply chain, which is fractured by the lockdown imposed in response to the ongoing pandemic.

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