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World Bank Signs $120 Million Project to Improve Connectivity in Meghalaya, India.
Nov 20, 2020

The Government of India, the Government of Meghalaya and the World Bank today signed a $120-million project to improve and modernize the transport sector of Meghalaya, a hill state located in the north east of India. This will help Meghalaya to harness its vast growth potential for high-value agriculture and tourism.
The Meghalaya Integrated Transport Project (MITP) will improve about 300 km of strategic road segments and stand-alone bridges by using innovative, climate resilient, and nature-based solutions. The segments will serve major agriculture areas, important tourist destinations, small-scale industries, major towns and underserved populations by linking them to markets, health and education centers, and national and international corridors. It will also support innovative solutions such as precast bridges to reduce both time and cost of construction.
'The Meghalaya Integrated Transport Project will help Meghalaya develop reliable, climate resilient and safe roads which is crucial for the economic development of the state and its people as economic growth of any region is closely linked to its road infrastructure' said C S Mohapatra, Additional Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance.

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