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US says FSSAI’s non-GMO certification requirement has hit its apple exports.
Jul 28, 2021

The US has said that its apple exports to India have been disrupted due to New Delhi’s decision to mandate ‘non-GM (genetically modified) origin’ and ‘GM-free’ certificates for certain agricultural imports and has proposed that the measure be withdrawn.
'The measure (GM-free certificate requirement) has disrupted US apple exports. Trade stoppages risk future product shortages and could lead to price increase for Indian consumers and further disruptions to Indian supply chain,' the US said in a recent representation to the Sanitary & Phytosanitary Committee of the WTO.
Last August, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) published an order specifying that every consignment of 24 identified food products need to be accompanied by a non-GM-origin-cum-GM-free certificate issued by Competent National Authority of the exporting country.

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