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Doubling farmers’ income: Increasing agricultural exports is key.
Jan 12, 2021

Achievement of the $5-trillion economy goal by India could be pushed by a couple of years from the original deadline of 2024-25, due to the pandemic-induced recession during 2020-21. Only a V-shaped recovery during 2021-22, and a sustainable growth of 9% per annum over the next five years, can turbocharge the economy to touch the $5-trillion mark. The agricultural sector, which contributes 14.6% to the economy, needs to support this objective by focusing on private investment and exports, while targeting an annual agri-GVA growth of 5%. A focus on reforms in agri-marketing and agri-exports, along with the promotion of high-tech, digital and precision agriculture, is an appropriate recipe for transforming the agricultural sector, while doubling farmers’ income, within a reasonable time-frame.


Financial Express