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Non-Basmati Exports To Reach 10 Million Tonnes In 2020-21.
Jan 12, 2021

While India exported 5.04 million tonnes of non-basmati in the 2019-20 season, the volume of the same in 2017-18 stood at 8 million tonnes. This year, the nation exported seven million tonnes till November alone. Vinod Kaul, executive director, AIREA explains that there is a massive demand for Indian non-basmati rice from African countries and southeast Asian nations, including Thailand and Vietnam. Further, India’s continuing rice exports even during the lockdown, has increased its reliability as a supplier. Non-basmati rice exports in November 2020 were 159% higher at 0.90 million tonnes as against last year’s 0.35 million tonnes at the same time.
India will export 2.5 lakh tonnes of rice to Bangladesh over the next few months. Out of this, it will send 1.5 lakh tonnes through government-to-government deals. Dhaka has already floated tenders for importing 3.10 lakh tonnes of rice. Indian firms have won five tenders. However, the remaining two tenders for 50,000 tonnes and 10,000 tonnes will close on January 20 and January 18.

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