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PM asks states to focus on infra & exports, makes pitch for farmers.
Feb 22, 2021

EXHORTING states to focus on exports and self-reliance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Saturday said commodities such as edible oils that India imports in large quantities can be locally produced, and the gains must accrue to Indian farmers.
Addressing the 6th meeting of the Governing Council of NITI Aayog, he said, 'Our agriculture sector is full of opportunities but still there are some truths we need to accept. We may be called a krishi pradhan desh but despite that, we import edible oil worth Rs 65,000-70,000 crore. We can stop this, this money can go to our farmers. Our farmer is the claimant of this money. Our farmers can produce many such products, not only for our country but also supply to the world,' he said.

The Indian Express