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Indian Exporters Will Soon Start Shipments of Dasheri Mangoes to the US.
Nov 25, 2021

Shipments of mangoes, such as 'Dasheri' and 'Langda', will soon see export from India to the US as America will start accepting testing certificates of specified agencies of India, a senior government official said on Tuesday. 
India has not exported mangoes to the US for the last two years. The set protocol involves the arrival of the US phytosanitary inspector, who monitors the process, which is called pre-clearance operations before exports. They have not visited India during the summer of 2020 and 2021. 
During the Trade Policy Forum meeting on Tuesday, Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal and US Trade Representative Katherine Tai welcomed the agreement to finalise work on market access facilitation for mangoes and pomegranates, pomegranate arils from India, and cherries and alfalfa hay for animal feed from the US. According to a joint statement issued recently, the US intends to finalise the pre-clearance programmes for mangoes and pomegranates in India. 
The official went on to say that while Indian mangoes were exportable to the United States earlier, the door has now opened for export because both parties have resolved the issue of how to handle the shipments. 
The official went on to say that 'Now, our inspectors will be inspecting our mangoes. Our oversight will be accepted by them. So, instead of our mangoes passing their lab test, now our lab certificates will be accepted by them. That is the procedure which has been accepted,' the official also added that 'we will be accepting their certificate and they will not have to come to India for certification'. 
'We have got mangoes. So, you can say that 'Dasheri' and 'Langda' will be available on New York shelves and California cherries will be in Delhi's supermarket,' the official added. 
This is a good opportunity for cultivators of Dasheri aam in the country to start exporting Indian mangoes and to earn more as US will now be a really lucrative market for Indian Mangoes.