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Thu, Jan 20, 2022 Vol: 2884
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1 Focus on integrating end-to-end tech solutions right from procurement to delivery - Goyal.
20 Jan 2022
The Food Corporation of India (FCI), celebrated its 58th Foundation Day. On this occasion Union Minister...
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2 S Jaishankar discusses ties with Finnish, Mexican counterparts.
20 Jan 2022
External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Wednesday held discussions with his Finnish counterpart Pekka...
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3 APEDA steps in to help agri exporters in resolving railway rake shortage issue.
20 Jan 2022
The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) has stepped...
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4 Irradiation of mangoes for US export to restart at Lasalgaon.
20 Jan 2022
After a gap of two years, mangoes will again be exportered to the United States from Lasalgaon’s...
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Other News
1.  India, Israel discuss widening scope of bilateral industrial R&D and technological innovation fund.
2.  India-UK FTA: Indian industry wants tariffs on Scotch not be reduced below ‘sustainable levels’.
3.  Global Rice Market Outlook: China's Imports Hit Record Highs - IndexBox.
4.  Area under chana continues to rise, Maharashtra tops in coverage.
5.  FSSAI extends timeline for norms related to pkgd drinking water.
6.  Jordan issues new tender to buy 120,000 tonnes wheat - traders.
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APEDA Statistics
Three Years Export Summary of APEDA Products (2018-19 To 2020-21)
Top Five Destination of APEDA Products for Year 2020-21
International Prices Unit Price : US$ per package
Price on 17-01-2022
Product Market Center Origin Variety Low High
Onions Dry Package: 50 lb sacks
1 BOSTON  New York Yellow 25.00  25.00 
2 Chicago California Yellow 24.00 26.00
3 Atlanta Colorado Yellow 30.00 34.00
Cabbage  Package: 50 lb cartons
1 Atlanta Georgia Round Green Type 12.00 13.00
2 BALTIMORE  CANADA Round Green Type 20.00 20.00
3 DETROIT  GEORGIA Round Green Type 17.00 19.00
Apples Package: cartons tray pack 
1 Atlanta Washington Red Delicious 38.00 40.00
2 Chicago Washington Red Delicious 40.00 41.00
3 New York Washington Red Delicious 44.00 46.00
Floriculture Unit Price : US$ per package
Price on 17-01-2022
Rose Flower Package: bunched 10s
Orchid Flower Package: bunched 10s
1 Boston Thailand Dendrobium     15.00 20.00
Lilies Flower Package: bunched 10s
1 Boston Netherlands Oriental  Type 48.00 48.00
Sunflower Package: bunched 10s
1 Boston ECUADOR Miniature Type 09.50 09.50
DGFT Notifications / Circulars / Trade Notice  APEDA
Enlistment of Agencies under Appendix 2E of FTP, 2015-20 authorized to issue Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential)
Amendment in import policy of items under HS Code 1511 90 of Chapter 15 of ITC (HS), 2017, Schedule – I (Import Policy).
Electronic filing of Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC)/ Registration Certificate (RC) through the common digital platform w.e.f. 06.12.2021.
De-Activation of IECs not updated at DGFT.
Safe Custody of digital tokens, documents, scrips etc.
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SPS Notifications :- WTO  APEDA
Food safety Human health
Adoption/publication/entry into force of reg. Food safety Human health Pesticides
Modification of content/scope of regulation Pests Territory protection
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Latest Market Report USDA  APEDA
Ethiopia Issued International Tenders to Purchase Sugar and Cotton
Mexico to Update NOM-187 Regarding Some Products Derived from Wheat and Corn
Turkey Increases Special Consumption Tax on Alcoholic Drinks and Tobacco Products
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Seller Leads Buyer Leads
Domestic Price
Commodity-wise, Market-wise Daily Price on 17-01-2022
Domestic Prices Unit Price : Rs per Qty
Product Market Center Variety Min Price Max Price
1 Kandi(West Bangal) Sonalika 1600 1700
2 Shirur (Maharashtra) Other 1500 1900
3 Lalsot (Rajasthan) Other 1930 2050
1 Mumbai (Maharashtra) Other 2000 2500
2 Makdi (Chattisgarh) Local 1500 1550
3 Nawarangpur (Odisha) Hybrid 1400 2040
1 Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) Ripe 2120 2200
2 Anchal (Kerala) Other 6200 6400
3 Rishikesh (Uttrakhand) Other 1180 1950
Bitter gourd
1 Mandvi (Gujarat) Other 7000 8000
2 Kullu (Himachal Pradesh) Other 6500 7200
3 Kanjangadu (Kerala) Other 4700 5600 For more info
Domestic Price:Egg Rs per 100 No

Price on 18-01-2022

Product Market Center Price
1 Chittoor 468
2 Delhi  490
3 E.Godavari 445
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