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Wed, Jun 22, 2022 Vol: 2986
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1 Goyal says TRIPS deal to help developing nations.
22 Jun 2022
The intellectual property rights (TRIPS) waiver for five years agreed during the 12th Ministerial...
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2 Hopeful for conclusion of India-UK free trade agreement by Diwali: Piyush Goyal.
22 Jun 2022
Union minister Piyush Goyal has expressed hope that the free trade agreement between India...
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3 India-ASEAN: Moving towards comprehensive strategic partnership.
22 Jun 2022
The year 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of dialogue relations between ASEAN...
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4 India-EU FTA talks to resume next week after a gap of 9 years.
22 Jun 2022
India and the European Union (EU) will resume negotiations next week for a proposed free trade agreement...
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Other News
1.  An export overhaul could see SEZs shifting from Videsh to DESH.
2.  India may allow exports up to 500,000 mt wheat; fourth tranche since ban: sources.
3.  Bihar to promote exports of GI-tagged agri products.
4.  India turns the only saffron-producing country with GI tag.
5.  Tunisia tenders to buy 75,000 T soft wheat, 50,000 T barley -traders.
6.  Algeria tenders to buy nominal 50,000 tonnes soft milling wheat, traders say.
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APEDA Statistics
Three Years Export Summary of APEDA Products (2019-20 To 2021-22)
Top Five Destination of APEDA Products for Year 2021-22
International Prices Unit Price : US$ per package
Price on 31-05-2022
Product Market Center Origin Variety Low High
TOMATOES    Package: 25 lb cartons loose
1 COLUMBIA       FLORIDA VINE RIPES  27.00  27.00
2 CHICAGO       MEXICO VINE RIPES 25.00  26.00 
3 MIAMI          FLORIDA VINE RIPES 24.00  26.00 
ONIONS DRY  Package: 25 lb sacks
1 ATLANTA       MEXICO RED    23.00 24.00
2 BALTIMORE     MEXICO RED    22.00 23.00
MANGOES     Package: flats 1 layer 
Floriculture Unit Price : US$ per package
Price on 31-05-2022
COSMOS         Package: per bunch
1 BOSTON       CALIFORNIA Cosmos 8.50 8.50
EUPHORBIA        Package: per bunch
1 BOSTON          CALIFORNIA Snow-on-the-Mountain   15.00 15.00
SALVIA         Package: per bunch
1 BOSTON PENNSYLVANIA   Salvia 8.50 8.50
MARIGOLD        Package: per bunch
1 BOSTON CALIFORNIA Marigold 7.50 7.50
DGFT Notifications / Circulars / Trade Notice  APEDA
Allocation of Tariff Rate Quota for Import of Crude Soya bean Oil and Crude Sunflower Oil
Enlistment of an Agency and amendment in details of an authorized agency under Appendix 2E of FTP, 2015-2020 - authorized to issue Certificate of Origin (Non-preferential) – reg.
Amendment in Export Policy of Sugar
Amendment in import policy condition of Fresh Ginger under Chapter 09 of the ITC (HS) 2022, Schedule -I (Import Policy).
Implementation of Notification No.06/2015-20 dated 13th May, 2022- Prohibition on export of wheat.
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SPS Notifications :- WTO  APEDA
Protect humans from animal/plant pest or disease (SPS); Food safety (SPS); Animal health (SPS)
Animal health (SPS)
Food safety (SPS); Plant protection (SPS); Protect humans from animal/plant pest or disease (SPS)
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Latest Market Report USDA  APEDA
Food Processing Ingredients
Grain and Feed Annual
Ghana's Agricultural Subsidy Program
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Seller Leads Buyer Leads
Domestic Price
Commodity-wise, Market-wise Daily Price on 31-05-2022
Domestic Prices Unit Price : Rs per Qty
Product Market Center Variety Min Price Max Price
1 Bundi (Rajasthan) Other 1900 2152
2 Katghora (Chattisgarh) Medium 2200 2800
3 Dahod (Gujarat) 147 Average 2300 2450
Arhar Dal(Tur Dal)
1 Bangalore (Karnataka) Arhar Dal(Tur) 8600 10000
2 Mumbai (Maharashtra) Other 8500 10000
3 Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) Arhar Dal(Tur) 8975 9050
1 Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh) Badami 2000 3000
2 Porbandar (Gujarat) Badami 5000 7000
3 Nagpur ( Maharashtra) Other 4000 5000
1 Bihta (Bihar) (Red Nanital) 1100 1700
2 Tiphra (Chattisgarh) Other 2000 2400
3 Surat (Gujarat) Other 800 2000 For more info
Domestic Price:Egg Rs per 100 No

Price on 31-05-2022

Product Market Center Price
1 Chennai (CC) 505
2 Pune 520
3 Mysuru 497
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