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Country Profile - India's Position
  Year : 2019  
India's position as an importing country with respect to ST LUCIA in 2019
Value in US $ Mill
Sr No.ProductTotal ExportsIndia's ImportShare %age
1Beer made from malt(220300)4.910.000.00
2Bananas frsh or dried(080390)4.580.000.00
3Rum & tafia(220840)2.370.000.00
4Waters, incl. min. waters & aerated waters, cont. added sugar/oth. sweeteni ...(220210)1.370.000.00
5Bananas, incl. plantains, fresh/dried(080300)
6Sauces & preps. therefor, n.e.s.; mixed condiments & mixed seasonings, n.e. ...(210390)0.900.000.00
7Fresh fruit, n.e.s.(081090)0.520.000.00
8Wheat/meslin flour(110100)0.420.000.00
9Arrowroot, salep, jerusalem artichokes & sim. roots & tubers with high star ...(071490)0.300.000.00
10Food preps., n.e.s.(210690)
 Page Total16.670.00 
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Source : UN Comtrade

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