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North East exported goods worth Rs 1,800 crore in last fiscal, Union agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar.
Aug 04, 2022

From tea, cereals, dairy products, rice, ayush and herbal products, sesame seeds, spices to marine products, northeast has exported agricultural and allied products worth over Rs 1,800 crore in the last fiscal to countries far and wide — from the US, China, Germany, Australia, Russia to Burkina Faso.
Union agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar, in a written reply in Lok Sabha on Tuesday, said during 2021-22, the export of agricultural and allied products from northeastern states has been of about Rs 1,813.73 crore.
Among the eight states, including Sikkim, the biggest export was from Assam, which was worth over Rs 1,700 crore, which is equivalent to 99% of the NE’s total export value. Assam’s exports to UAE in the last fiscal was of highest value of over Rs 301 crore, bulk of which has come from tea. The other big importers of Assam products, mostly tea, include UK, Russia, Iran, Iraq, China and Germany.
'Some commodities like Mizo chilli, King chilli, Dale chilli of Sikkim have high Capsaicin. The Lakadong variety of turmeric of Meghalaya is high in curcumin content, Kew variety of pineapple of Tripura has got GI tag and so on are particularly found in the NE region. All these products have high demand in international as well as domestic markets,' Tomar said.
The minister in his reply said the region is one of the richest reservoirs of genetic variability and diversity of different crops i.e. various kinds of fruits, different vegetables, spices, ornamental plants and also medicinal and aromatic plants.
'The region offers scope for cultivation of a wide variety of horticultural crops because of its diversities in topography, altitude and climatic conditions. A range of fruit crops varying from highly temperate types like walnut, apple, etc, to subtropical as well as tropical fruits are coming up well in this region. Similarly, wide and diverse types of vegetables, including indigenous ones are cultivated in the region,' he added.