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Wed, Jul 28, 2021 Vol: 2764
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1 Govt aims to create national farmers database using digital land records: Narendra Singh Tomar.
28 Jul 2021
The government is aiming to create a federated National Farmers Database using digitised land records...
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2 Scheme for Promoting Indigenous Rice.
28 Jul 2021
Indigenous varieties of rice are being promoted through varietal improvement programmes of...
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3 Haridwar Exports Bitter Gourd & Okra to Dubai for the First Time.
28 Jul 2021
The first consignment of vegetables from Haridwar was exported on July 26 to Dubai, UAE. This...
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4 Turkey tenders to buy some 395,000T wheat and 515,000T barley.
28 Jul 2021
Turkey's state grain board TMO has issued an international tender to purchase a total of about...
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Other News
1.   US says FSSAI’s non-GMO certification requirement has hit its apple exports.
2.   Major ports now have a new tariff setting authority.
3.   Poultry & meat: Growth drivers on the worldwide market.
4.   Dairy in India grazing on technology and high quality with massive expansion.
5.   Papad is papad, irrespective of size and shape, rules Gujarat AAR.
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APEDA Statistics
Three Years Export Summary of APEDA Products (2017-18 To 2019-20)
Top Five Destination of APEDA Products for Year 2019-20
International Prices Unit Price : US$ per package
Price on 21-07-2021
Product Market Center Origin Variety Low High
Onions Dry Package: 50 lb sacks
1 Atlanta California Yellow 18.00


2 Chicago Mexico Yellow 20.00 20.00
3 Columbia Georgia Yellow 28.00 30.00
Cucumbers Package: cartons film wrapped
1 Baltimore Canada Long Seedless 12.00 14.00
2 Boston Mexico Long Seedless 14.00 14.00
3 Detroit Canada Long Seedless 14.50 16.50
Apples Package: cartons tray pack
1 Atlanta Washington Red Delicious 29.00 33.00
2 Dallas Washington Red Delicious 40.00 40.00
3 Los Angeles Washington Red Delicious 26.00 28.00
Floriculture Unit Price : US$ per package
Price on 21-07-2021
Rose Flower Package: bunched 10s
1 Boston Ecuador Assorted Colors 13.50 15.00
Orchid Flower Package: bunched 10s
1 Boston Thailand Dendrobium        15.00 18.00
Lilies Flower Package: bunched 10s
1 Boston Netherlands Oriental  Type 38.00 42.00
DGFT Notifications / Circulars / Trade Notice  APEDA
Enlistment under Appendix 2-E of M/s. Oriental Chamber of Commerce and Industry authorized to issue Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential)-reg.
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Government of the Republic of India and the Government of the Republic of Malawi for import of toor - reg.
Amendment in Policy condition of Sl.No. 55 & 57, Chapter 10 Schedule-2, ITC(HS) Export Policy, 2018-reg.
DGFT Import-Exporter Code(IEC) Services affected due to non-availability of PAN Validation Services from 01.06.2021 to 06.06.2021.
Mandatory recording of information about transfer of DFIA (Duty Free Import Authorization) Scrips and Paperless issuance of DFIA Scrips.
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SPS Notifications :- WTO  APEDA
Draft Regulation of the Head of the National Agency of Drug and Food Control of the Republic of Indonesia on the Maximum Level of Heavy Metal Contaminant in Processed Food 
Final group pest risk analysis for thrips and orthotospoviruses on fresh fruit, vegetable, cut-flower and foliage imports : Australia 
Mitigation measures and benchmark levels for the reduction of the presence of acrylamide in food : EU 
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Latest Market Report USDA  APEDA
Government of India Allows Imports of Apples from all Ports
Oilseeds and Products Update
Food Processing Ingredients
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Todays Leads
Seller Leads Buyer Leads
Domestic Price
Commodity-wise, Market-wise Daily Price on 22-07-2021
Domestic Prices Unit Price : Rs per Quintal
Product Market Center Variety Min Price Max Price
1 Manjeri (Kerala) Other 3450 3550
2 Karanjia (Odisha) Other 2450 2470
3 Pabiacherra (Tripura) Other 2860 3000
1 Botad (Gujarat) Other 1705 2025
2 Alampur (Madhya Pradesh) Other 1650 1670
3 Dondaicha (Maharashtra) Other 1500 1841

Kangra (Himachal Pradesh)

Other 7000 20000
2 Balachaur (Punjab) Other 14000 14000
3 Udaipur (Rajasthan) Other 6000 16000
1 Tiphra (Chattisgarh) Other 2400 2500
2 Surat (Gujarat) Other 1000 2200
3 Barpathari (Tripura) Other 2500

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Domestic Price:Egg Rs per 100 Number

Price on 27-07-2021

Product Market Center Price
1 Brahmapur 466
2 Chittoor 513
3 Nagpur 485
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