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Tue, Dec 04, 2018 Vol: 2104
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1 Bring down trade barriers, says FM Arun Jaitley.
04 Dec 2018
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Monday said it is in the larger interest of every country ...
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2 JAI to work on security structure for Indo-Pacific.
04 Dec 2018
The India-Japan-US trilateral grouping will begin work on a five-point agenda ...
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3 India registers 10% growth in containerised trade in Q3 2018, says report.
04 Dec 2018
India’s containerised trade with the world grew by 10 per cent year-on-year in the ...
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4 G20 sealed landmark deal on WTO reform by ducking 'taboo words'.
04 Dec 2018
Many delegates from the world's 20 largest economies arrived at a summit in Argentina ...
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Other News
1.  Indian farmer ‘remarkably adaptable’ to innovation: President Ram Nath Kovind.
2.  Government plans to revamp its consumer awareness campaign Jago Grahak Jago.
3.  India, UAE to ink MoU for projects in third countries.
4.  Int’l meet to take drumstick places.
5.  Rich countries eroding confidence in the Paris Agreement: India and China.
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APEDA Statistics
Three Years Export Summary of APEDA Products (2015-16 To 2017-18)
Top Five Destination of APEDA Products for Year 2017-18
International Prices Unit Price : US$ per package
Price on 03-12-2018
Product Market Center Origin Variety Low High
Potatoes  Package: 50 lb cartons 
1 Atlanta Colorado Russet 17.00 18.00
2 Baltimore Idaho Russet 17.00 19.00
3 Columbia Idaho Russet 18.50 18.50
Cucumbers Package: cartons film wrapped  
1 Atlanta Canada Long Seedless 15.00 17.00
2 Columbia Canada Long Seedless 17.00 21.00
3 Dallas Mexico Long Seedless 23.50 25.75
Apples Package: cartons tray pack 
1 Atlanta Washington Red Delecious 26.75 29.75
2 New York Washington Red Delecious 30.00 30.00
3 Miami Washington Red Delecious 30.00 33.00
Floriculture Unit Price : US$ per package
Price on 27-11-2018
Rose Flower Package: bunched 10s
1 Boston Ecuador Assorted Colors 10.00 12.50
Orchid Flower Package: bunched 10s
1 Boston Thailand Dendrobium     15.00 18.00
Lilies Flower Package: bunched 10s
1 Boston Netherlands Oriental  Type 32.00 38.00
Sunflower Package: bunched 10s
1 Boston Ecuador Miniature Type 8.50 9.50
DGFT Notifications / Circulars / Trade Notice/Public Notice
Non- Basmati rice is now made eligible for MEIS benefits at the rate of 5 % for export.
Amendment in the import policy of Peas under Chapter 7 of the ITC (HS) 2017, Schedule -I (Import Policy).
The MEIS benefit has been enhanced for Dairy products.
Removal of value limit for exports through post.
Clarification on the term `Duty` under Sl.No.3 of Appendix-3A of Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020.
Enlistment of Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) under Appendix 2C(Agencies Authorised to issue GSP Certification) & 2E ( List of Agencies Authorised to issue Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential) -reg.
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SPS Notifications :- WTO  
Draft Regulation of the Head of the National Agency of Drug and Food Control of the Republic of Indonesia on the Maximum Level of Heavy Metal Contaminant in Processed Food 
Final group pest risk analysis for thrips and orthotospoviruses on fresh fruit, vegetable, cut-flower and foliage imports : Australia 
Mitigation measures and benchmark levels for the reduction of the presence of acrylamide in food : EU 
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Latest Market Report USDA  
Government of India Allows Imports of Apples from all Ports
Oilseeds and Products Update
Food Processing Ingredients
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Todays Leads
Seller Leads Buyer Leads
Domestic Price
Commodity-wise, Market-wise Daily Price on 30-11-2018
Domestic Prices Unit Price : Rs per Qty
Product Market Center Variety Min Price Max Price
1 Baikunthpur (Chattisgarh) Other 1705 1705
2 Amreli (Gujarat) Other 2000 2035
3 Ashta (Madhya Pradesh) Other 1300 1436
1 Amoda (Chattisgarh) Other 1400 1500
2 Borsad (Gujarat) Other 1450 1480
3 Asandh (Haryana) Other 2500 4100
1 Bhuntar (Himachal Pradesh) Other 2400 2550
2 Asandh (Haryana) Other 3000 3500
3 Pandharpur (Maharashtra) Other 551 751
Bottle gourd
1 Surat (Gujarat) Other 500 1500
2 Fatehabad (Haryana) Other 700 1000
3 Bhuntar (Himachal Pradesh) Other 2000 2500 For more info
Domestic Price:Egg Rs per 100 No

Price on 03-12-2018

Product Market Center Price
1 Ahmedabad 435
2 Ajmer 398
3 Banglore 403
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