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We have great pleasure to introduce to you the APEDA Agri Exchange - an online initiative by APEDA, available at, a platform for market intelligence for Indian exporters and entrepreneurs on global markets as well as bringing the Indian Exporters & the global buyers together to share buy/sell leads.

The market intelligence section as well as facility for submission of trade leads is available free of cost, open to all, with a user friendly interface. We request you to promote this portal in your host country for information on Indian agriculture and processed food products as well as to reach Indian exporters for their trade enquiries.

We also welcome your valuable suggestions to make this portal more useful for stake holders like you as well as for stake holders in your host country. Please send your suggestions / feedback to to help us in our endeavor to make it better and more useful.

Yours sincerely,
Chairman, APEDA

APEDA's Agri Exchange is a ready reckoner to those who wants to get the knowledge of Agri trade taking place in the world. It also acts as a key book or help book containing each and every aspect of the trade and trade facilities Since, it is in electronic format, extensive care has been given to the mechanism which will help the user and would never fail to give information as and when required. This has minimised the hassles of getting information over phone and would maximised the self initiatives by the viewer.

It has been kept easy and informative for the users so that at any point of time they may not feel unsolicited. This will definitely raise the inquisitiveness of the visitors and we would welcome that. This has been computed to facilitate the required details about Agri products export, which entails answers to many complex questions and doubts. Trade research team of the portal ramified these details for Agri trade community to enhance opportunities. Surf on these titles to ease your Agri export process. click here

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APEDA AgriExchange Daily Newsletter - 27 July. 2016

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International Benchmark Prices of Agricultural products as on 25 July. 2016

SPS Notifications as on 26 July. 2016   [Source: WTO]

Market Report as on 21 July. 2016  [Source: USDA]

Import regulation as on 14 July. 2016  [Source:USDA]

Service Providers(15) dated on 25 July. 2016

APEDA scheduled product export from India  [Source: DGCIS]

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Govt curbs export duty exemption on organic sugar to 2.5k tonnes
Jul 27, 2016
The government today restricted export duty exemption on overseas shipment of organic sugar to 2,500 tonnes for the 2015-16 marketing year ending September.
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Govt regularly conducts FTAs outreach: Sitharaman
Jul 27, 2016
With a view to effectively disseminate information on the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) signed by India, as well as to feed into the process of review of these FTAs, the Department of Commerce regularly conducts FTA outreach programmes across the country, the Lok Sabha was informed today.
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