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Tue, Nov 23, 2021 Vol: 2842
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1 Exports rise 18.8 pc to USD 20 bn so far in November.
23 Nov 2021
The country's exports rose 18.8 per cent to USD 20.01 billion during the three week period...
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2 India, US vow to boost trade ties, focus on supply chain.
23 Nov 2021
India and the US on Monday vowed to improve their trade ties and 'take it to the next level' with...
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3 Centre allows exporters time till January 31 on origin e-certificate.
23 Nov 2021
The Centre has suspended till January 31 a mandatory obligation imposed on exporters from November...
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4 Chabahar sees increase in traffic as Taliban backs trade via port.
23 Nov 2021
The Chabahar port in Iran developed by India seems to be resuming normal operations after assurances...
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Other News
1.  Indian and United States officials to look for ways to resolve trade issues.
2.  International Agronomy Congress begins on November 23.
3.   Indo-Israel Cooperation in Odisha.
4.  Bangladesh gets offers in 50,000 tonne wheat purchase tender- traders.
5.  South Korea’s MFG tenders for corn and soymeal, traders say.
6.  JKHARA, FSSAI hold awareness workshop on food safety in Srinagar.
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APEDA Statistics
Three Years Export Summary of APEDA Products (2018-19 To 2020-21)
Top Five Destination of APEDA Products for Year 2020-21
International Prices Unit Price : US$ per package
Price on 15-11-2021
Product Market Center Origin Variety Low High
Onions Dry Package: 50 lb sacks
1 Atlanta CALIFORNIA Yellow 27.00 29.00
2 Chicago California Yellow 24.00 24.00
3 Columbia MICHIGAN Yellow 18.00 20.00
Cabbage  Package: 50 lb cartons
1 Atlanta Georgia Round Green Type 21.00 23.00
2 Columbia NORTH CAROLINA Round Green Type 18.00 20.00
3 Miami Canada Round Green Type 16.00 18.00
Apples Package: cartons tray pack 
1 Atlanta Washington Red Delicious 37.00 42.00
2 Chicago Washington Red Delicious 38.00 39.00
3 New York Washington Red Delicious 38.00 40.00
Floriculture Unit Price : US$ per package
Price on 15-11-2021
Rose Flower Package: bunched 10s
Orchid Flower Package: bunched 10s
1 Boston Thailand Dendrobium     15.00 20.00
Lilies Flower Package: bunched 10s
1 Boston Netherlands Oriental  Type 38.00 40.00
Sunflower Package: bunched 10s
1 Boston ECUADOR Large Head 10.00 10.00
DGFT Notifications / Circulars / Trade Notice  APEDA
Enlistment under Appendix 2E to issue Certificate of Origin (Non - Preferential) for All India Jurisdiction.
Enlistment of Agency(ies) under Appendix 2E of FTP, 2015-2020 - authorized to issue Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential) – reg.
Applications for allocation of Tariff Rate Quota(TRQ) under India - Mauritius CECPA for the year 2021-22..
Inclusion of Ports of Import in continuation to Notification No. 20/2015-20 dated 24.08.2021, Notification No. 23/2015-20 dated 03.09.2021 and Notification No. 32/2015-2020 dated 25.09.2021.
Extension of date for Mandatory Electronic Filing of Non Preferential Certificate of Origin (COO) through the Common Digital Platform to 31st October 2021.
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SPS Notifications :- WTO  APEDA
Normative Instruction 103 19 October 2021
Maximum residue levels for 6-benzyladenine and aminopyralid in or on certain products
Draft Food Safety and Standards (Foods for Infant Nutrition) Amendment Regulations 2021
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Latest Market Report USDA  APEDA
Newcastle Disease Detected Among Laying Hens in Lekeberg
Philippines Extends Meat and Poultry Labeling Flexibilities Indefinitely
Grain and Feed Update
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Domestic Price
Commodity-wise, Market-wise Daily Price on 22-11-2021
Domestic Prices Unit Price : Rs per Qty
Product Market Center Variety Min Price Max Price
1 Khatra(West Bangal) Sonalika 1850 1950
2 Shirur (Maharashtra) Other 1300 1600
3 Begu (Rajasthan) Other 1980 2100
1 Mumbai (Maharashtra) Yellow 2000 2500
2 Makdi(Chattisgarh) Local 1500 1600
3 Nawarangpur (Odisha) Hybrid 1200 1870
1 Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) Ripe 2325 2385
2 Kanjangadu (Kerala) Other 4300 5000
3 Sitarganj (Uttrakhand) Other 1500 2000
Bitter gourd
1 Gurgaon (Haryana) Other 1000 1400
2 Kullu (Himachal Pradesh) Other 4800 5500
3 Anchal (Kerala) Other 6500 6700 For more info
Domestic Price:Egg Rs per 100 No

Price on 22-11-2021

Product Market Center Price
1 Chittoor 483
2 Delhi  510
3 E.Godavari 436
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