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What is the role of EXIM Bank Finance ?
2 What is a Letter of Credit?
3 What is ISI Certification ?
4 What is Agmark Certification ?
5 What is Cargo (Marine) Insurance ?
6 How Export Documententation and Procedures is done ?
  1.Commercial invoice
  2.Bill of lading
  3.Consular invoice
  4.Certificate of origin
  5.Inspection certification
  6.Dock receipt and warehouse receipt
  7.Destination control statement
  8.Insurance certificate
  9.Export license
  10.Export packing list
7 What is DEPB (Duty Drawback Passbook Entitlement Scheme )?
8 What are SPS measures ?
  An SPS measure is any measure applied:
9 What are import tariffs?
10 What are import regulations ?
11 What is GSP ?
12 What is ECGC?
14 How does ECGC help exporters?
15 What is pre-shipment inspection?
  a) Checking the total amount of goods and packing
b) Controlling the quality and/or consistency of goods
c) Verifying compliance with the standards of the destination country
16 What is post shipment finance ?
17 What is IEC Number?
  IEC Stands for IMPORTER EXPORTER CODE. No export or import shall be made by any person without an Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) number unless specifically exempted.
18 What is anti dumping? What is its purpose in International Trade?
19 What is Bank Guarantee?
20 What Is EXIM policy ?
21 What is FEMA ?
22 What is EPCG Scheme?
23 What is a Certificate of Origin?
24 Can any Chamber of Commerce and Industry/ Association issue the Certificate of Origins?
25 What is EIC?
26 What are EIAs?
27 What is the basis of EIC/EIAs inspection and certification?
28 What is the advantage of EIC/EIA certification to exporters?
29 What is CODEX?
30 What is the purpose of the Codex Alimentarius?
31 What is MRL (Maximum Residue Level) ?
32 How MRLs calculated?
33 What Is Credit Insurance?
34 What is GSTP (Global System of Trade Preference )?
35 What is Bill of Lading ?