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15 Mar 2012 SOUTH AFRICASouth Africa Food and Agricultural Import Regulations: Trans-FatsIn February 2011, The Ministry of Health announced new regulations under the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics, and Disinfectants Act of 1972, which concern the presence of trans-fats in foods. The new regulation goes into effect six-months after the notification. According to regulation, a maximum trans-fat content of two grams per 100 grams, per serving, is allowed in the final product. This regulation is expected to enter into force in August, 2011. FAS/Pretoria learned that this regulation has negatively affected the sourcing of some U.S. consumer-oriented products during a recent EMP funded South African retail food sector assessment. Click Here
22 Dec 2010 SOUTH AFRICAFood and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - NarrativeThe South African Department of Health has recently published new regulations on labeling and advertising of food stuffs which will be effective on March 01, 2011. These regulations provide clear guidance regarding labeling and the advertisement of foodstuffs. Manufacturers of foodstuffs, both nationally and internationally, must adapt their labeling accordingly. The Minister of Trade and Industries has also published new regulations relating to the labeling of GMOs. Click Here

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