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03 Jan 2013 ARGENTINAArgentina Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - NarrativeThis report provides overall information on regulations and standards for importing U.S. food and beverages into Argentina. However, Post recommends U.S. suppliers interested in the Argentine market to contact local importers to find out about specific rules and regulations that may apply to particular products. In general, Argentina has potential for imports of agricultural products, although unexpected changes in import procedures may require additional efforts to ensure that export operations are feasible. Click Here
02 Dec 2010 ArgentinaFood and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards -CertificationArgentina's Animal and Plant and Food Safety Agency (SENASA) is in charge of the approval of all health certificates required for the importation of most agricultural products to Argentina. In this report an Export Certificate Matrix and a copy of the majority of the certificates have been included. Click Here

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