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Avocado Pulp Physical Chemical Properties a) Colour Creamy yellow to green, typical of Avocado b) Flavour Typical of mature and ripe Avocado c) Texture Smooth d) Dry Matter Content 21 to 35 e) pH 4.1 to 4.5 Microbiological a) Standard Plate Count 50,000 CFUg b) Enterobacteriaceae 10 CFUg c) Staph Aureus 100 CFUg d) Salmonella Not Detected in 25g e) Listeria Monocytogenes Not Detected in 25g f) E. Coli 10 CFUg g) Yeast Mould Not Detected in 25g Nutritional Data Serving size Average Quantity Per Per 100g a) Energy 760kJ b) Protein 1.3g c) Fat 16.4g d) Saturated Fat 4.5g e) Carbohydrates – Total 8g f) Carbohydrates – Sugars 1g g) Sodium 300mg h) Moisture 72.5g i) Ash 1.7g

Post Date :- 04/10/2016
Expiry Date :- 04/12/2016
Location :- Norfolk, United Kingdom

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