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We are importer of Meat products from UAE. We kindly request you to quote your best price and delivery ( CIF Malaysia basis ) for the following items Lamb Leg Bone Less, Lamb Leg Bone Less, Lamb Rack Frozen, Lamb Rack Frozen, Mutton Leg Bone Less, Mutton Leg Bone Less, Skinless Chicken Bratwurst Sausage, Chicken Sausage Chipolata 25 gm, Chicken Sausage Euro Grill 25 gm, Chicken Sausage Hungarian 25 gm, Chicken Sausage Nurnberger 25 gm, Homemade Sheep Casing Beef 85 gm, Homemade Sheep Casing Spanish 85 gm, Sausage Homemade Sheep Casing Lamb 85 gm, Homemade Sheep Casing Nurnberger 85 gm, Chicken Sausage Bratwurst Sheep Casing 40 gm, Skinless Chicken Nurnberger Sausage 40 gm. Offer should be with Currency - US dollars Unit price KG and extended total 28000 KG. Payment terms - we prefer irrevocable LC. Quote validity - 45 days ( Extendable ), attach company profile and product catalogues. We have requirement for sea food bulk quantity, upon request will send you the inquiry

Post Date :- 15/02/2022
Expiry Date :- 15/03/2022
Location :- Abu Dhabi, U Arab Emts

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