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Country Profile - India's Position
  Year : 2021  
India's position as an importing country with respect to SOMALIA in 2021
Value in US $ Mill
Sr No.ProductTotal ExportsIndia's ImportShare %age
1Lemons (Citrus limon/limonum) & limes (Citrus aurantifolia/latifolia), fres ...(080550)9.300.000.00
2Meat of goats, fresh/chilled/frozen(020450)
3Bran, sharps and other residues; of wheat, whether or not in the form of pellets, derived from the sifting, milling or other workings thereof(230230)0.940.000.00
4Carcasses/half-carcasses of sheep (excl. lamb), frozen(020441)0.840.000.00
5Wheat/meslin flour(110100)0.390.000.00
6Flour, meal & powder of the prods. of Ch.8(110630)
7Maize (corn), other than seed(100590)
8Citrus fruit (excl. of 0805.10-0805.50), fresh/dried(080590)
9Other wkd. grains (e.g., hulled/pearled/sliced/kibbled) of cereals other th ...(110429)
10Grapefruit, fresh/dried(080540)
 Page Total13.460.00 
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Source : UN Comtrade