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Country Profile - India's Position
  Year : 2019  
India's position as an importing country with respect to BOLIVIA in 2019
Value in US $ Mill
Sr No.ProductTotal ExportsIndia's ImportShare %age
1Undenatured ethyl alcohol of an alcoholic strength by volume of 80% vol.(220710)
3Milk in powder/granules/oth. solid form, unsweetened, fat content by wt. >1 ...(040221)16.440.000.00
4Ground-nut, not roasted or otherwise cooked, whether or not shelled or broken-in shelled whether or not broken(120242)12.900.000.00
5Kidney beans, incl. white pea beans (Phaseolus vulgaris), dried, shelled, w ...(071333)
6Prepared/presvd. preps. of bovine animals (excl. homogenised preps.), incl. ...(160250)
7Palm hearts, prepd./presvd., whether or not cont. added sugar/oth. sweeteni ...(200891)
8Juice of any single citrus fruit other than orange/grapefruit (excl. of 200 ...(200939)5.740.000.00
9Meat of bovine animals, frozen, boneless(020230)
10Other cane sugar:(170114)4.820.000.00
 Page Total192.970.00 
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Source : UN Comtrade

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