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Country Profile - India's Position
  Year : 2019  
India's position as an exporting country with respect to ARGENTINA in 2019
Value in Mill. US$
Sr No.ProductTotal ImportsIndia's ExportShare %age
1Other millet excl seed(100829)0.010.0199.98
2Cucumbers & gherkins, provisionally presvd.(071140)0.010.0199.97
3Cereals (excl. those which have been hulled/othw. wkd.), n.e.s.(100890)0.130.1396.48
4Mucilages & thickeners, whether or not modified, derived from locust beans/ ...(130232)14.9411.5877.52
5Onions, dried, whole/cut/sliced/broken/in powder but not furth. prepd.(071220)1.830.8546.55
6Cucumbers & gherkins, prepd./presvd. by vinegar/acetic acid(200110)0.970.2323.41
7Husked (brown) rice(100620)0.100.0220.02
8Cut flowers & flower buds of a kind suit. for bouquets/ornamental purps., d ...(060390)0.020.0015.10
9Betel leaves(140490)2.390.187.56
10Seeds, n.e.s., of a kind used for sowing(120999)2.550.197.32
 Page Total22.9513.20 
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Source : COMTRADE, United Nations

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