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Country Profile - India's Position
  Year : 2022  
India's position as an exporting country with respect to ARUBA in 2022
Value in Mill. US$
Sr No.ProductTotal ImportsIndia's ExportShare %age
1Onions, dried, whole/cut/sliced/broken/in powder but not furth. prepd.(071220)
2Asparagus, fresh/chilled(070920)0.420.000.00
3Pig fat(020910)0.590.000.00
4Arrowroot, salep, jerusalem artichokes & sim. roots & tubers with high star ...(071490)
5Sweet biscuits(190531)3.750.000.00
6Wheat gluten , w/n dried(110900)
7Cereals other than maize (corn) in grain form/in the form of flakes/oth. wk ...(190490)
8Manioc (cassava) starch(110814)
9Vermouth & oth. wine of fresh grapes flavoured with plants/aromatic subs., ...(220510)
 Page Total6.400.00 
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Source : COMTRADE, United Nations