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Country Profile - India's Position
  Year : 2022  
India's position as an exporting country with respect to FIJI IS in 2022
Value in Mill. US$
Sr No.ProductTotal ImportsIndia's ExportShare %age
1Areca nuts:(080280)0.010.0199.93
2Corn (maize), worked othw. than into flour/groats/meal (e.g., hulled/pearle ...(110423)0.010.0199.47
3OTHER MILLET EXCL SEED(100829)0.010.0192.51
4Betel leaves(140490)0.000.0090.20
5Sugr refind contng flvrng or clrng matter(170191)0.460.3473.49
6Prepared baking powders(210230)0.090.0665.76
7Flour, meal & powder of the dried leguminous vegetables of 07.13(110610)0.000.0061.59
8Cane sugar specified in subheading note 2 to this chapter:(170113)0.000.0050.46
9Cocoa powder, cont. added sugar/oth. sweetening matter(180610)0.170.0846.30
10Grapes, dried(080620)0.710.3244.41
 Page Total1.470.83 
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Source : COMTRADE, United Nations