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Country Profile - India's Position
  Year : 2020  
India's position as an exporting country with respect to TURKEY in 2020
Value in Mill. US$
Sr No.ProductTotal ImportsIndia's ExportShare %age
1Mushrooms of the genus agaricus, dried, whole/cut/sliced/broken/in powder b ...(071231)1.020.6059.00
2Onions, dried, whole/cut/sliced/broken/in powder but not furth. prepd.(071220)4.202.0248.02
3Mucilages & thickeners, whether or not modified, derived from locust beans/ ...(130232)7.042.8240.11
4Cut flowers & flower buds of a kind suit. for bouquets/ornamental purps., d ...(060390)0.030.0130.94
5Betel leaves(140490)10.983.2029.14
6Protein concs. & textured protein subs.(210610)6.691.8127.09
7Chocolate & oth. food preps. cont. cocoa (excl. of 1806.20-1806.32)(180690)45.2411.6825.83
8Caseinate other casein drvts andcasein glues(350190)0.520.1324.85
9Tapioca & substitutes therefor prepd. from starch, in the form of flakes/gr ...(190300)0.000.0015.01
10Dried fruit (excl. of 08.01-08.06 & 0813.10-0813.30)(081340)2.950.4214.22
 Page Total78.6822.70 
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Source : COMTRADE, United Nations