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India Honey Alliance to host ‘Hive to Home 3.0’.
Jan 28, 2022

India Honey Alliance (IHA), a collaboration of the entire honey value chain across the country, is conducting 'Hive to Home 3.0' - an informative and interactive webinar where the experts will share their insights on the various Government schemes, scientific and technical information and initiatives to promote beekeeping in India.
This is the third webinar from IHA which will focus on bee-keeping and related issues faced by beekeepers. The virtual session is scheduled on Friday, January 28, 2022, and is open to the general public by registering on the India Honey Alliance Website.
Deepak Jolly, secretary general for IHA, said, 'To achieve IHA’s vision of the ‘Golden revolution' in the country, there is a dire need for increased collaboration across the value chain. Beekeeping as an industry is not much talked about and it is time that we all work together towards developing and promoting beekeeping across the country. This webinar will again bring forth valuable insights from experts towards providing solutions for issues faced by the beekeepers, the initiatives taken by Government towards promoting beekeeping and the best practices that we can adapt for the larger benefit of the industry and the beekeepers.'
The webinar will feature talks by eminent experts such as Scientists, representatives from Government bodies, Industry experts, Beekeepers and NGOs/ welfare bodies. The speaker panel will include Pankaj Prasad, additional MD NAFED; Dr Naveen Patle, ED-NBB; Dr Lakshmi Rao, assistant director, CBRTI; Sitaram Gupta, founder Samridhh Bharat Abhiyan; Ajay Saini, bee-keeper and entrepreneur; and will be moderated by Vinit Singh, foremost Honey aggregator from Bharatpur.
Namrata Khanna, director, India Honey Alliance, said, 'Working closely with all the key stakeholders across the honey industry is extremely essential towards achieving our long term vision of making Indian honey the most preferred honey in the global and the domestic market. Beekeepers are the focal point for all developmental programmes envisaged by the India Honey Alliance and they play an instrumental role in shaping the future of the honey industry in India. While our first two webinars focused on 'The Journey of Honey', from collection to processing and the testing techniques and the benefits of honey for all of us, this one will specifically focus  on beekeepers and measures to promote beekeeping.'