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FSSAI issues draft specifying stds for herb tarragon.
Nov 24, 2022

The FSSAI has issued a draft specifying the standards for tarragon, a herb used in food preparation. The standards were prescribed for dehydrated tarragon and its powder and added a sub regulation 2.9.43 in the regulation 2.9 related to herbs in the FSS (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, 2011.
Dehydrated tarragon (Vilayti Damnak), whole means the dried leaves obtained from perennial plant Artemisia dracunculus Linnaeus, belonging to the family Asteraceae. The colour of the dried leaves ranges from pale green to grey-green.
And it should conform with the parameters including Moisture content, per cent by mass (m/m) (Maximum) 10, total Ash, per cent by mass (m/m) on dry basis,(Maximum) 12, acid-insoluble ash, per cent by mass on dry basis, (Maximum) 1.5, volatile oil content, ml/100g, on dry basis (Minimum) 0.6, extraneous matter, per cent m/m, (Maximum) 1,
and no foreign matter with yellow or brown leaves, per cent m/m, (Maximum) 15.
The draft specifies Chromatographic requirements.
'The volatile oil obtained by hydro/steam distillation of the dried leaves of tarragon, and analysed by using gas chromatography shall comprise the following main constituents: cisß-ocimene, trans-ß-ocimene, transanethole, methylchavicol (estragole), and methyleugenol. The  volatile oil  shall not contain significant amounts of either sabinene or elemicin', reads the draft.