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No restriction on Tur imports from Mozambique: Government.
Aug 04, 2023

A delay in imports of tur dal from Mozambique amid reports of cartelisation by some exporters there has prompted Indian authorities to 'emphatically' clarify that there are no quantitative restrictions on tur imports from the African country.
The Indian high commission in Maputo has issued a press release to inform all exporters of tur/arhar dal in Mozambique that they can export it to India under 'free category' without any upper limit on quantities and without import duty till March 31, 2024.
The clarification this week comes even as a cartel of exporters in Mozambique is allegedly pressurising their government to introduce a quota system for tur exports to India so as to monopolise the trade and manipulate prices.
This has caused shipping delays and a rise in prices of imported pigeon peas. The price of imported whole tur of Mozambique origin in Mumbai stood at Rs.88,000 per quintal on Wednesday against Rs.87,000 on Tuesday.
'The Mozambique government wants its exports to go through Institute Cereal Mozambique (ICM), as per the MoU of India with Mozambique, and some cartel wants to earn through ICM,' a pulses importer said on condition of anonymity.
India had signed a bilateral memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Mozambique to import 200,000 tonnes of tur every year from Mozambique.
'A few suppliers from Mozambique are trying that the Mozambique government gives a quota of tur export to only a few exporters,' a second pulses importer from Mumbai said. 'There is a lot of ambiguity right now about what happens to the trade that has already been done.'
India was looking to replenish its tur dal stocks with supplies from Africa, particularly Mozambique, starting August amid a shortage in the domestic market, which is expected to aggravate due to lower sowing in the ongoing kharif season, and rising prices.
Retail prices of tur have increased by 2.5% in last one month and by 27.5% in last one year, according to data from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.
The central government had earlier removed the import duty and the requirement of certificate of origin for imports of tur from Mozambique.