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Malawi pushes for deepening trade ties with India in areas of energy, agriculture, mining, tourismleshow.html
Sep 25, 2023

African country Malawi looks to deepen trade and investment relationship with India in areas of energy, agriculture, mining and tourism, its High Commissioner to India Leonard Mengezi said here on Saturday. Mengezi said that Malawi looks forward to cementing the 'great cohesion' with businessmen in Gujarat to further strengthen India-Malawi relationship and attract investment.
Mengezi was here to participate in the India-Malawi Trade Conference organised by India Africa Trade Council with the aim to enhance business cooperation with Gujarat. 'Malawi has been in great trade, economic and investment relations (with India) since 1964, when Malawi got its independence. But there is a need to deepen relationships further in the areas of energy, agriculture, mining, tourism,' he told mediapersons.
Mangazi said Malawi relies on India for the pharmaceutical industry and patients suffering from critical ailments get treatment here. 'They come to Indian hospitals. Our idea is we bring doctors to help us do operations in Malawi and to deepen relations to that effect. That's the idea that we are coming here for,' he said.
Textiles, mechanised agriculture, and tourism are some of the sectors in which Malawi is looking for an investment as the country creates mega farms to produce rice and believes that tourism can benefit by investment in hotels and as a cinema destination, he said
On the African Union granting permanent G20 membership, Mengezi said that this will help the countries participate in decision-making and offer them a great opportunity in all areas of life. 'G20 provides a platform for us to make sure that the decisions that are made there also benefit us. ...In a platform that you have, you are able to participate in the decision-making and find your way where investment is required ..India being a friend proposed that thing through Prime Minister Narendra Modi. So we are very grateful, it is a great opportunity in all areas of life,' he said.
The conference had the presence of Gujarat-based companies looking to explore opportunities in Malawi. During the day the High Commissioner inaugurated the India Africa Trade Council - Malawi Trade office and presented the certificate of appointment to Sunil Hukumatray Rajdev as the trade commissioner of the Gujarat office. The idea of this conference was to share the business potential of Gujarat and explore opportunities in Malawi. A delegation mainly of Gujarati business was announced to visit Malawi in November this year.