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Documents required for exports of Fresh Grapes
Sr. No.Documents related to goodsDocuments related to shipmentDocuments related to PaymentDocuments related to quality of goodsOrganic CertificationDocuments related to Foreign Exchange RegulationsOther Documents
1 Invoice Mate Receipt Letter of Credit (L/C) Phytosanitary Certificate Certificate indicating material produce is based on organic farming. GR Form: Documents required by RBI which assures to RBI that the exporter will realize the proceeds of goods within 180 days from the date of Shipment Bank Realization Certification (BRC): This is the advice given by Foreign Exchange Bank after the realization of money from Importer
2 Packing List Shipping Bill Bill of Exchange GLOBALGAP Certification
3 Certificate of origin Bill of handing Health Certificate
4 Airway Bill
Source: NAFED Report