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Table Shows the varietal characteristics of commercially grown Grapes Fresh
Sr. No.VarietyCharacteristics
1 Thompson Seedless Berries are oval to oblong in shape with T.S.S.18-22o Brix, acidity 0.5 to 0.7%
2 Sonaka Berries are elongated, cylindrical and amber coloured,T.S.S. around 22 o Brix,acidity 0.4- 0.7%
3 Sharad Seedless Berries are oblong to elliptical in shape and bluish black in colour with T.S.S. 18-21 oBrix and acidity 0.5-0.7%
4 Tas-e-Ganesh Berries are ovoid shaped and green to amber in colour with T.S.S. 20-22 o Brix and acidity 0.5- 0.65%
Source: NAFED Report