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The enlightened human race discovered the food value of wild plants, animals and domesticated and bred them over the last 10,000 years since agriculture began to develop. Over centuries, human societies and groups have developed taste and reception of food and largely depending on the availability of the same around their living clusters. Many countries have became self sustainable in terms of production of many such crops. The unavailability or shortage of a particular food product develops curiosity to grow or import from countries where it is available in abundance. The geographical, economic and political conditions of the countries round the globe started dominating the food requirement and production to fulfill such shortages elsewhere. Countries like China, India, USA, Japan, Russia, and Australia are few of the top agriculture producing nations in world. Cereals, Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy and Poultry are the few top agricultural products grown among these countries. Our attempt is to categorize these top producing nations under various product heads to provide country-wise production data for the use of Agri traders of the world and research fraternity to acquire and enrich their knowledge on the global production trend.

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